Easy and Practical Solutions Remove Vastu Faults like Color and metal strips inserting into floor to diminish negative effects of Entrance Doors and Toilets placed in wrong directions, colored electric bulbs, paintings, art objects, stones, pyramids and many other tested and effective Vastu Remedies are suggested as per Accurate Vastu analysis. You can receive them in two ways – In a meeting with Vastu Expert and Site Visit by Vastu Expert.

In many cases root causes for problems clearly reflect on the to-scale-plan made in our survey. When symptoms matching exactly with Vastu reasons for a problem, then there is no need to visit your building to suggest Vastu solutions in this way you save money and get same effective Vastu solutions that an expert will suggest by visiting your site.

A senior Expert will answer all of your questions in a personal meeting at the Center You will be suggested most effective Vastu solutions and remedies based on our Survey and Evaluation Report.

Vastu Solutions for Home will be effective for money flow, career growth, health of your family members, relationships and love life, child birth, family harmony, marriage and for the areas you are facing problems or Goals you wish to achieve.

At Office/ Showroom/ Shop Vastu solutions will help you to get more sales, orders and profits,improved cash flow, business growth and performance of your team. Also, to resolve departmental problems and banking support. And also the issues you wish to solve or targets you wish to achieve.

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