Vedic Astrology has been instrumental in partner compatibility analysis especially when the partner is a life partner. Aside from the image of a life partner created by media, it is hard to imagine what a real life partner would be like.

Vedic astrology provides vital clues about various attributes of a life partner. Descriptions of attributes are physical, psychological, and various other levels. Analysis provides the details of the person and kind of relationship compatible. Focus of analysis is on describing the possible relation experience and remedies to improve relationship.

Analysis will also cover the possibility of multiple relationships, stability factors of relationship, guidance and remedial actions required to sustain a relationship. In a situation where there are differences in partners, vedic astrology can guide about the problematic aspect to avoid relationship failure.

Details of both partner is captured and analyzed on several levels. Even if there is an incompatibility at single level, compatibility at another level may mitigate the incompatibility. Vedic astrology can guide using a point based system, whether accepting an individual as a life partner, is a good decision or not.

On the other hand an individual could be already in a relation or may have a life partner and little late for making any life changing decisions. Vedic astrology can guide on improving the positive aspects of the existing relation with life partner and reducing the malefic aspects of adverse planets.

The astrological chart will elaborate your expectations from life partner, physically as well as emotionally. The compatibility chart can assess how much these expectations can be met.

Service offered using vedic astrology

1. Marriage compatibility

2. Relationship analysis

Marriage compatibility

1. Compatibility level

2. Marriage worth pursuing.

3. Right life partner or not.

4. Love versus arranged marriage

5. Marriage with love of life.

6. Attributes of spouse

7. Qualities and abilities of spouse.

8. Delays in marriage

9. Possibility of divorce or second marriage

Relationship Analysis

1. Psychological compatibility

2. Sexual compatibility.

3. Permanence of mutual attraction.

4. Life endurance analysis of each partner.

5. Prosperity and fortune created with the match.

6. Family and children together.

7. Personality match.

8. Coherence in thought process

9. Adverse or spouse threatening combinations

10. Ego problems and hot headedness

11. Unwanted afflictions