Navagraha Shanti

Navagraha shanti is a Worship meant to appease all the 9 planetsThis involves identifying a problem (if any, due to the rotational motion of the Stars and Planets in our natal chart that might have unfavorable influence on us) and subsequently performing the remedial course of rituals to nullify the unfavorable or negative influence.

There are various types of ‘Shanti' and if possible it should be performed every year as stars/ planets are constantly rotating in an orbit.According to Vedas and Shastras there are many planets & stars but only 9 planets & 27 stars are considered that are believed to be in the immediate circumference of the solar system and are likely to affect our lives depending upon their position in our natal chart.

These nine planets form an orbit called as Navagraha Mandal.

Also it is a known fact that all these stars and planets, including the earth, rotate around the sun. Hence depending upon the distance and the angle of the deviation of these stars / planets from sun with reference to earth (our birth place) they have their influences on human being.

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