In today’s world economy, financial portfolio of an individual or a business is very important. Seeking financial independence to enjoy life’s dreams can be an individual’s motivation. Vedic astrology can be used as a tool to identify financial fluctuations and acted upon at specific time.

Vedic astrology financial analysis can be done for

  1. Wealth accumulation
  2. Right time and age for investment
  3. Areas of investment
  4. Cash inflow expectancy
  5. Amount of success for the investments
  6. Financial fluctuation pattern
  7. Personal changes that can strengthen financial position

Each Analysis done is custom and includes the specific question of the individual. There are certain standard features in the report as well

  1. Professionally accurate way to earn money
  2. Malefic attributes of planet inhibiting money growth
  3. Favorable time to invest
  4. Areas where maximum ROI (Return On Investment) can be expected
  5. Things to avoid
  6. Simple remedies that can be done