Advance career planning and decision making of right career choices is essential to mitigate risk. Every time we have a choice in our career, we are worried about taking the big step. In order to reach the desired goals taking right decision at right time matters.

With the help of Vedic Astrology, a strong career planning can be done and improve security of the future. Career Vedic Astrology chart provides the following information

  1. Suitable Job sector: Private OR Public.
  2. Employment versus business.
  3. Business profile: Construction, Product development, Service etc.
  4. Professional profile: Medical, engineering, legal, real estate, IT etc.
  5. Options or paths of least resistance.
  6. Prediction of next 5 to 10 years about job issues, layoffs, transfers and promotion opportunities.
  7. Areas to focus and options to avoid.
  8. Periods of negative influence, to be cautious of.

Career analysis report can comprise of

  1. Single year forecasting
  2. Two to Five years
  3. Five to Ten years of analysis and forecasting.

Analysis and forecast may include following based on the situation

  1. Right career path to be followed.
  2. Appropriate education pursued to achieve career path.
  3. Right time to switch job.
  4. Right to move or transfer within the same job.
  5. Steps performed to retain the current job.
  6. Transition period for making career choices.
  7. Right time to start business.
  8. Single owner versus partnership.
  9. Invest more or hold back.
  10. Time to secure loan.
  11. Time to recover / repay from loans.

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