Barack Obama

Name: Barack Obama

Date of Birth: Friday, August 04, 1961

Time of Birth: 19:24:00

Place of Birth: Honolulu

Time Zone: -10.0

Information Source: Web

Rasi/ Moon Sign: Taurus

Nakshatra or star constellations: Rohini

Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign (Western): Leo

Star Sign/ Zodiac Sign/ Sun Sign (Indian): Cancer

Barack Obama is a lover of all that is beautiful, whether it is a work of art, a pleasant landscape or a person of good appearance. Not only do Barack Obama value beauty as measured by the eye, but Barack Obama is attracted also by beauty in other forms. Good music appeals to Barack Obama a good character possessed by an individual appeals to Barack Obama Barack Obama is a connoisseur of everything that is above ordinary.Barack Obama have a gift for making other people happy. Barack Obama know how to comfort those who are troubled and Barack Obama know how to make them pleased with themselves. This is a rare gift and there are not enough people like Barack Obama in the world.Barack Obama is not as practical as some people, and in keeping appointments, Barack Obama is not too punctual.Barack Obama is somewhat over-sensitive and there are times when Barack Obama is put out needlessly. But Barack Obama's displeasure does not show itself in the form of a squabble. Disharmony is a thing Barack Obama avoid at all costs. May be, Barack Obama nurse a grievance, but this is something that others are never allowed to sense. Barack Obama keep it strictly to yourself.

Barack Obama is a courageous person. Barack Obama is so impulsive, there is no time to worry or fear Barack Obama's actions. Barack Obama have periodic flashes of such insight that Barack Obama's intuition borders on genius. Many seek Barack Obama's company, for there is much excitement about Barack Obama An excellent character reader, Barack Obama is often attracted to the occult, which gives Barack Obama a deeper understanding of life. Barack Obama's remarkable vision enables Barack Obama to forge ahead and be successful in understanding any difficulties that are preventing Barack Obama's growth.

Children will give Barack Obama tremendous motivation to set goals and accomplish them. Barack Obama feel a responsibility to them and must not let them down. Use this motivating factor to its fullest, but be sure that Barack Obama's are doing what Barack Obama want to do and not directing Barack Obama's efforts in an area which Barack Obama do not like just because of Barack Obama's sense of responsibility.